“We are either living as an offering, or we are not trusting, still waiting to love. Freedom is trusting the unfabricated openness of love.”
[David Deida, Waiting to Love]

Love & Depth is about supporting men and women in opening their bodies and hearts to love beyond their fears, doubts, history, and habits in relationship. It is about debunking the myth that you have to wait for the right person, right circumstances, right weight, right anything, in order to give and receive love. It is about leaning into our edges, feeling our deeper core as a masculine or feminine being, and living the unwavering luminosity of love NOW. In doing so, we open, feel free, relaxed and happy, and attract the full presence of love in our lives, especially in our intimacies.

Love & Depth is an art form that recalibrates what it means to love. It is not therapy, nor is it a series of processes for people to “get what they want”. It is about supporting your awakening to your Divine nature as consciousness and light, and embodying it deeply through the roller coaster of life and love. It does not go into your history of hurts and conditioning. Instead, it makes history obsolete, and enlivens your spontaneous genius of presence and energy, face-to-face with the ever changing texture of the present.

Love & Depth supports the masculine to step into his deepest presence, live his purpose, and be the conscious leader that he is meant to be. For the feminine, Love & Depth evokes her full spectrum of feminine energy, empowers her to love larger than fear, and awakens the blissful power of her sexuality. Together both men and women learn to do a free-fall into the arms of the Divine, creating an ecstatic union of love, in the unique dance that only a God and Goddess can do.

Love & Depth is inspired by the work of David Deida, author of many books on intimacy, utilizing the dance of masculine and feminine dynamics to dissolve ourselves into love, to make our greatest offerings in our relationships…in the world.

Through the offering of women’s circles, men’s initiations, coed circles, couples and individual counseling, Kaidan and Sabrina are dedicated to the fullest awakening of your sexual essence, whether you are a man or woman, gay or straight, physically fit or disabled, local or abroad, single or in a couple. There are no limitations to how love lives in you in your sexuality…in your relationship.

All you have to do is, Live Love NOW. Let us show you how.